SUP Pilates & Yoga

Come bring your practice out onto the water and add the magic of the ocean to how you experience movement.  Mama Ocean invites greater play of balance, perception, senses and connection.  We are comprised of 75% liquid, so why not invite this into our awareness?

We offer both Pilates Mat and Yoga on the Stand Up Paddleboards. Classes are a 1:45 minute paddle and class.  Beginners are welcome!

Depending on the ocean condition, we may need to drive to a neighboring beach, so please carve out 3 hours total for this adventure!

Classes are 3 person minimum and 6 person maximum. Costs are $40USD per person which includes board rental, paddle instruction and class, plus transportation if needed!



Bring your YOGA practice into the air! AERIAL YOGA is amazing for flexibility, strengthening, agility, balance and coordination.  It plays with and against gravity offering traction and fascial release. Plus it is super fun!!


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