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Our Teachers

Our staff consists of a team of bi-lingual, international teachers, all trained in different lineages but united through our commitment and dedication to the practice. Our studio offers on-going education, available to both teachers and students, making sure our knowledge is growing and alive.


SENIOR TEACHER KERSTIN STUART (Pilates, Pilates Mat, Ayurvedic Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Dance, Bodywork)

Born in The Netherlands, owner Kerstin Stuart came to Pilates to save her knees while training as a dancer and, 18 years later, is still dancing. She has been in love with movement and the exploration of the body her whole life.  It is movement in water that is one of her biggest reasons for now living in Mexico where the waters are warm. She has a BA in Dance, has been Yoga certified since 2014, Pilates certified since 2006, and Body Mythology Level 1 certified since 2011. The past year she has taken a deeper dive into Anatomy and educating herself alongside Physical Therapists.  She has begun to offering trainings with her partner Chris Cormier, focusing on Mat Level 1,2,3 and Reformer Level 1,2,3 as well as Ongoing Education. She also offers Bodywork to her clients, mainly Deep Tissue Work. She is passionate about helping her students explore and honor their body's unique abilities.  She sees the body as a portal to understanding ourselves on multiple levels.


Born in Mexico, Renata had her first exposure to Pilates during university and has combined her practice with other disciplines such as yoga and dance. In 2017 she began her training as a Pilates Instructor at the school of Tere Lopez, one of the top teachers in Mexico, in the city of Puerto Vallarta.  Since the completion of her training in 2018, she has worked with both apparatus and mat classes for groups and privates. She has worked at various studios in the region obtaining very good results, comments and recommendations from her students. In her desire to stay up to date and in continuous learning she has taken specialized courses on anatomy, fascia, therapeutic pilates, injuries and movement exploration with highly experienced instructors such as as Caty Colin, Kerstin Stuart and Gabriela Gurrola.



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